The making of “Fire and Ice”

On Saturday morning I woke up to see that we had about half an inch of ice on everything around our house.  It was beautiful, and since I had all my work done already for […]

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Peaks of Otter Milky Way

Last Thursday Evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I looked outside and noticed that the stars were shining very brightly, with no cloud cover or moonlight.  So, I thought about it a little […]

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Stony Man Summit

On Saturday evening afternoon we headed up to Stony Man Summit in the Central Section of Shenandoah National Park.  After arriving at the parking lot, I started the hike on the Appalachian Trail, heading up […]

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Golden Cross-Light

How did you get it to look like that? Many people wonder how I get such vivid natural colors in the foreground of my images.  The simple answer is what I call golden cross light.  […]

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Becoming a Storm Chaser

  Anybody who watches the weather channel for more than a few minutes will quickly hear the term “stormchaser.”  Out in the midwest, crazy people will often risk life and limb to be near extraordinary […]

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Blue Ridge Winter Wonder

I have been to this particular spot on the parkway several times before now, thinking about what the perfect conditions would be to shoot here.  I kept thinking, if I could get a good snow […]

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The Making of “Watercolors” This winter has been a little frustrating for me photographically as I have waited on some good snow to make some dramatic winter images.  I am loving living here in the […]

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Oh Shenandoah!

  Photography Tips from “O, Shenandoah!” 1.        Be in the right place at the right time.  Finding the perfect light comes down to a few brief moments in time when all the right atmospheric conditions […]

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“Like” Me on Facebook!

Hi everyone!  You are invited to see what I’m up to on Facebook!  You can find me on there under Brent McGuirt Photography.  If you “like me,” you will see the latest updates, images, and […]

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Photography Tips from a Day in the Priest Wilderness

  1.  Meet and shot with friends.  I would NEVER have found this place without the help of my new friend Jeff Hammond who I have been a flickr contact with for a while!  Friends […]

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